Zombies are after you. You must use your LevGun to levitate the blocks to kill the zombies. Each shot from your LevGun will make whatever it hits levitate for 1 second, and then the object will come crashing down.

Ludum Dare #32 entry.
This was my first game jam. Between that, being new to Unity, and not being able to work full time on it, I'm just glad to have anything at all to show.
My main goal was to just finish something fitting with the theme and learn about Unity in the process. As a secondary goal, I was hoping to prototype
a gameplay mechanic and find the fun in it.
While the main goal was achieved, the secondary goal was only partly successful. I think there are some glimmers of fun -- it's kinda satisfying to take out 4 or more zombies with one block -- but it needs more polish.

The player and enemy models, textures and animations are straight out of Unity's "Survival Shooter" tutorial. Some sound effects too. So I've opted out of those categories.

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